Polyster Screen Mesh Types

There are 3 types of Screen printing mesh fabrics that are widely used :

  • Polyester Monofilament Screen Fabric
  • Low-elongation Polyester Monofilament Screen Fabric
  • Polyester Multifilament Screen Fabric

Today, most screen printers use Monofilament polyester mesh, but the conventional type is quickly being replaced with "Low-Elongation" polyester screen fabric, which offers a lot of novel benefits to the screen printing process.

Monofilament Polyester mesh is made from yarn that is released from heated polyester into a solo strand. The extruded thread is spun to an exact length. Traditional Polyester monofilament mesh screen will stretch under tension: the greater the tension level, the larger the thread will stretch. At extreme tension levels, the thread get toes its "plastic deformation" point, and the screen will no further hold tension.

Polyester monofilament mesh is still appropriate for non-critical printing applications. Though, in recent years, it has been concealed by a latest development in thread technology: ‘Low-Elongation Polyester Mesh screen material’.

At Ratnadeep Enterprises, our offered range of Polyester monofilament screen mesh is largely used within the food and non-food industry for a variety of purposes and applications.